Any tips for making this GF? I have that one dairy and gluten allergy guest and these would be great if it is possible!



Em November 17, 2016
My non-specific answer: try just swapping the regular flour for AP gluten-free flour. My favorite it the Trader Joe's brand, but Bob's or any other brand will probably work. If you have the time, I would maybe make a half batch beforehand to make sure that the swap will work.

If you'd rather not take the chances, this is a fantastic recipe that my family, even the non-GF members, love: It is also dairy free.

Best of luck with your celebration!
meet Y. November 18, 2016
Thanks! I am testing them out tonight... I might try adding an egg for some more protein/structure? We will see. Thanks for the recipe, it looks like an excellent backup if the experiment fails! :)
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