Made lady locks with lard for the first time with lard instead of Crisco and they have a really bitter taste. Does this seem normal?

Ever since the Crisco recipe was changed way back when, I have never been able to get the same flaky texture. This year tried using lard and though the texture was better, the taste is off. Sort of bitter almost. It's so strong that it covers up the taste of the icing inside. I didn't think using lard would make this much of a difference. Does this sound right?

Bonnie Culbertson


foofaraw December 19, 2016
For baking, you should try leaf lard. leaf lard is very white and the least pig-smell compared to lard from other pig's parts. The lard came from the kidney or internal organs. Try Farmers Market or butcher for the rendered or raw leaf lard.
Bethro December 19, 2016
I like using lard in pie crusts but it makes a difference what type of lard you get. I get mine from a local butcher and it's fresh and tastes neutral (I store it in the freezer). I wouldn't use supermarket lard that comes in a cardboard box (usually in the Hispanic food aisle). Once I got lard from a farmer's market and it had obviously been cooked too high to render it -- tasted smoky. Or, as JL noted, the culprit could be your flour.
Rachel December 19, 2016
i agree with bethro, I have used the shelf stable lard from the supermarket and gotten fresh from a butcher who really knows their way around rendering lard. Recommend wagshall's in washington DC if you need to get a reliable supply... here is their website:
Maedl December 19, 2016
Lard should not give a bitter taste. Where did you get it and how long have you had it in the refrigerator? Could the lard have been rancid? Even if that is the case, it would not be bitter.
Nancy December 19, 2016
A suggestion: they look like cream horns (made with frozen puff pastry), in case you need a replacement that doesn't take much time or worry.
JL December 19, 2016
Did you use all purpose flour or wholewheat flour? The latter develops a bitter flavor as it gets rancid over time.
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