how do you cut a bitter lemon flavor in soup

I made lemon chicken soup but it's too lemony how do I make it less bitter

Robin Nosker


Nish December 16, 2017
I accidentally put the whole lemon!!!! Itself into the grinding jar where I was making tomato past & poured it into the gravy!!!! ::( & the my whole chicken gravy turned into super sour!!!!every thing was ruined. ( no matter what you add to correct it... It's all go down to hell.. U just hv to throw it to garbage :(...)
LeBec F. February 20, 2015
My personal taste would go the route of potatoes or white beans(Great Northern are lovely creamy) andsauteed onion caramelized in butter. Herbs (thyme) if you choose the beans. All those flavors are complementary and the starch will
absorb and soften the effect of the lemon. At the end, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
As a lemon lover, i've been there! Suggest you keep in mind that unless lemon is flavoring/being absorbed by a chicken while it cooks (for example) it doesn't usually lose anything by being added at the end of cooking a dish(like salt.) Or, like cayenne or other condiments, start by using less than called for and add more after you've taste- tested it.
JulieS February 19, 2015
You can also add a starch to it to absorb and balance some of the lemon. I would try some cooked basmati or other white rice. You can even purée some of the rice with some chicken broth which will give a creamy texture to the soup.
CanadaDan February 18, 2015
Start by watering it down with some chicken stock
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