lobster and vanilla?

came across a recipe for lobster and a vanilla cream sauce...have you tried this combo before? can you describe th flavor?

  • Posted by: Diari
  • December 31, 2016


amysarah December 31, 2016
A while back, maybe 15-20 yrs ago, lobster with vanilla was actually a popular thing, at least at restaurants in NYC with trendy chefs. Can't recall if I ever had it, so can't describe the flavor unfortunately, but it definitely had a moment.
Patricia H. December 31, 2016
Yes. Vanilla is used in savory as well as sweet preparations. It is in fact a very bitter taste on its own. The New York Times and other respected culinary sources available on-line offer recipes for this combination. Lobsters are rich, buttery, sweet; vanilla would be good with those delightful crustaceans.
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