Does anyone have a honey vanilla ice cream recipe I can use with figs I bought this morning at the farmer's market?

Also came home w/ lemon verbena and thought of infusing it into the custard. How do you think that would go with honey vanilla fig ice cream - ok or too many flavors? Thanks!



Nadia H. July 23, 2011
I usually make honey parfait, it has a light, airy consistency and goes will with fruit, see my recipe Amaretto-poached apricots with honey parfait. I usually only use honey. If the figs are ripe and sweet I would leave it at the combination of figs and honey.
loves2eat July 23, 2011
Thanks, poiresauchocolat, for introducing me to notsohumplepie. And to jmdde for reminding me of David Lebovitz' recipe.
jmddc July 23, 2011
David Lebovitz has a recipe for Lavender-Honey ice cream in The Perfect Scoop. You could do an infusion with your verbena instead of lavender. His recipe is a regular (1 qt) vanilla custard base to which is added (thru a strainer) the herbal infusion from 1/4c flowers and 1/2C honey, warmed and steeped for 1 hr. Hope this helps!
Poires A. July 23, 2011
This milk and honey ice cream recipe looks delicious - You could adapt that to include figs or serve it with roasted figs?
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