Hi there. Can I mix together 'Garlic & Ginger' powder in one jar to use them at the same?

Query about mixing two different spices.

Ahmad Ali Bhatti


Nancy January 5, 2017
If you already have the dry flavorings and often use them at same time, yes, why not mix.
But/and you might enjoy the dishes even more using fresh garlic & ginger, and the convenience of a ready-made fresh paste of the two. Others have had the same wish, and here are some recipes:
Maedl January 5, 2017
Yes, of course, you can mix the ground garlic and ginger, but you won't get the fresh, lively flavor that you would get chopping fresh garlic and ginger and frying them in butter or oil.
Smaug January 4, 2017
Yeah, people make all sorts of spice mixes for convenience. As to the advisability of using powdered garlic for anything whatever, your conscience must be your guide.
C S. January 4, 2017
Are you talking about garlic powder (dry) not chopped garlic (damp) i don't see why not. I would use it up fairly quickly but if you want both of those in the same dish there should not be a problem. The problem would be if you wanted only ginger or only garlic for something else. Good luck.
Ahmad A. January 4, 2017
Yes i am talking about the dry powder.
Thank you for the answer.
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