I am making a pasta dish that calls for chile flakes. What can I substitute?

  • Posted by: Louisa
  • January 5, 2017


PHIL January 6, 2017
Why are you substituting? Are you out of chili flakes or do you not like the heat?
Nancy January 6, 2017
In addition to the good ideas suggested so far, and further to Phil's point, if you are simply out but have some fresh or jarred chiles on hand, you could use some of them. Start small, taste, add more until you reach the level of heat you and your eaters prefer.
Thomas C. January 5, 2017
cayenne, hot sauce (if some vinegar is appropriate), ground chipotle (if some smokiness is appropriate). In all cases, you add to taste, depending upon how much heat you want.
pierino January 6, 2017
Pimenton or paprika would probably work also. These would both be milder than typical hot pepper flakes which usually includes seeds as well.
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