Contests - it has been awhile since the last contests. What's up?



Lindsay-Jean H. February 13, 2017
Not to worry mainesoul, you aren't losing your mind. The new contest was accidentally live very briefly this morning, and quickly taken down. We had planned to launch today, but had a few kinks to work out—fingers crossed it launches tomorrow!
mainesoul February 13, 2017
I thought that I saw a new contests earlier today with dates. Now, I can't find it. Have I lost my mind?
Lindsay-Jean H. February 7, 2017
My apologies all, we should have updated this thread. The next contest got pushed back (just a little bit!), and will launch on the 13th.
Rachel February 13, 2017
hi Lindsay, I too am looking forward to the contests coming back online again. Did I miss the launch though?
Lindsay-Jean H. February 13, 2017
You didn't! See below!
morning G. February 6, 2017
I can't find the new contest. Can you post a link?
Lindsay-Jean H. January 25, 2017
Asha (and all!) - thanks for your patience with the contests! The next one will launch February 6th!
Asha L. January 25, 2017
Thanks Lindsay! Looking forward to it!
meganvt01 February 7, 2017
what happened to the Feb 6th launch?
Asha L. January 24, 2017
I'm looking forward to the contests coming back too. @Food52, is there timeline for when the new 'n' improved contests will launch? I miss new, inspired recipes from the community! Cheers!
morning G. January 24, 2017
I'm relieved that the contest is to be resumed. It is IMHO the best internet cooking contest. The quality of entries is excellent and the fact that the shortlisted recipes are tested is great.
morning G. January 24, 2017
I'm relieved that the contest is to be resumed. It is IMHO the best internet cooking contest. The quality of entries is excellent and the fact that the shortlisted recipes are tested is great.
creamtea January 12, 2017
I agree with Bevi; we used to be able to see how many views and saves a recipe had. It was such a great feature. Hope we can get it back.
Bevi January 12, 2017
Thanks! And to see how many views a recipe has?
Bevi January 11, 2017
I am also hoping that on the new contest page, we can still access past contest winners.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 11, 2017
You can! You can check it out here:
creamtea January 10, 2017
Some recipes have unusual ingredients with a short season (specialized citrus ramps); these are disadvantaged by the contest cycle, which may originate well in advance of availability. For example, a contest for the holiday season is timed for October so that the vote can come about a month later and still be relevant by late December/early January. It may not be fixable; I'm just pointing out some of the limitations.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 10, 2017
Thank you all for your feedback, rest assured that I'm passing it all along!
luvcookbooks January 10, 2017
I'm happy that the contests are being re examined, just to see what a change might bring. I wish there was a little more time to test, since Community Picks often seem to coincide with a busy few days in our household, especially if an unusual ingredient has to be gatherered.
ktr January 10, 2017
I too would like to see a longer time period for testing. I have not been able to test any recipes yet because I plan my menu out a week or two at a time and can only make quick recipes or ones that can be mostly made in advance on week nights.

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ChefJune January 9, 2017
What new contest page? I'm on this site nearly every day and I have yet to see any mention or link to a new contest page.
What was wrong with the contests? Smells like you're revamping the whole thing and cutting out the contests. It would be better to just say so.

And while we're at it. If "Community Picks" are a result of contests - i.e., recipes that are/have been considered for finalists, then there should be a different name for recipes contributed by staff and guest writers. They were not chosen by the community - not to mention that some of them don't even work!!!
Lindsay-Jean H. January 9, 2017
We're not cutting out the contests! The contest page is still right at the top (or here: We haven't talked about its snazzy visual refresh yet because we're waiting until a new contest gets going, so we can tell people how to get involved. And, because, as you can see from inpatskitchen's comment, we're still working out a couple of kinks.

Also, we absolutely want to know when a recipe has issues and appreciate hearing about it, you can always reach us at [email protected], it's a faster, more direct way to let us know than adding a comment to a recipe.
ChefJune January 10, 2017
Thanks, Lindsay-Jean.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 9, 2017
Hi mainesoul, we took some time off the contests and are working on making them the best they can be (and we also launched a whole new contest page, which you should check out if you haven't gotten to yet!). The contests will be back soon!
inpatskitchen January 9, 2017
Hi Lindsay-Jean! I've seen the new contest page and even wrote the editors about it. The recipes listed as "community picks" aren't...any time frame for when this will be fixed?
Lindsay-Jean H. January 9, 2017
Hi Pat! Emailing you directly for clarification so I can get that sorted out!
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