What to serve at Sunday afternoon party?

I'm having a birthday party for about 20 people on Sunday afternoon (think 3- 6 PM). We're getting a case of wine but would like to think of some fun snacks/dishes to serve that goes beyond the kind of typical cheese plate. Any easy (make-ahead maybe?) ideas?




BerryBaby January 24, 2017
A favorite of the 1950's is making a comeback. My mom use to make these for afternoon parties, a Sandwich Cake Bread. You remove all the crust from an uncut loaf of bread, cut layers and spread each layer with something different; ie, flavored cream cheese and add sliced turkey, next layer a different meat, and stack them on top of each other like a layered cake. Frost the whole cake with an herb whipped cream cheese and decorate with rose cut vegetables. Food Network just had one on Kitchen Sink, which you should be able to locate on their site. They are fun and delicious. Good luck! BB
Nancy January 23, 2017
How old is ye olde guest of honor? Maybe do a buffet of foods from birth decade or coming of age decade?
caninechef January 23, 2017
I recently made this for a Sunday brunch group and was so impressed. Most of the work could be done the day before and then maybe 3 tarts baked off in the AM. I confess to skipping the custom crust but just the onion filling was wonderful and works at room temp or slightly reheated. it sliced well and held its shape. https://food52.com/recipes/10177-french-onion-tart
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