Have you recently done a home renovation? Or a DIY design project? Whether large or small we want to hear about it: Fill us in!

Just in the past couple of weeks, we've seen Hotline threads on dishwashers and induction cooktops, so it's no surprise that we want to tap into our community’s knowledge around home and design. We want to feature more of YOUR stories (whether it's running through a large renovation or just a photo of a small DIY project) and help you solve your design conundrums. So tell us all on this thread, or email me directly: [email protected]

Lindsay-Jean Hard


LucyS February 1, 2017
We bought a house in August and have lots going on! We're partway through fixing up our overgrown backyard (stopped now for winter) and are fixing up our basement. Recently we finished lofting our bedroom ceiling to incorporate brick, beams, and 1914 tiny windows in the attic. We've been doing a lot of DIY along the way to save money and use salvaged material (like refurbishing old doors).

The DIY I'm most proud of so far is this coffee table from salvaged cherry.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 1, 2017
beautiful coffee table. I don't have a crafty bone in my body! Good luck!
BerryBaby February 1, 2017
Here's an FYI, if you are installing a back splash that covers the entire wall (counter to cabinet), keep in mind the outlet covers and plugs. Nothing will spoil the look more than having a beautiful back splash and outlet/plug covers that don't match. I've seen it in magazines, a beautiful dark back splash and the outlet covers are white! We did black with black and it is stunning. Be sure to figure the cost of the outlet covers and plugs into your budget, they are spendy!
Smaug February 1, 2017
If you can't find covers you like, there are some made- mostly for use with wallpaper- that are clear and allow you to insert a sample of the pattern- you could probably insert a piece of paper of a plain color etc. There are, of course, ceramic covers, but I don't know that they come in anything but white, and they sometimes have installation problems.
amysarah February 1, 2017
Thin plug mold strips, in color best coordinated, directly beneath (sometimes mounted to) bottom of upper cabinets. Usually not visible at eye level. Provides more outlets too.
BerryBaby February 2, 2017
AmySarah, yes those are nice. However, we had it quoted and they were very expensive. I would have loved them. We went wirh the black covers and in our case they matched perfectly.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 26, 2017
Such amazing projects you all! I'm taking notes for future reference. Many thanks for the responses!!
scruz January 25, 2017
I did the plan and bought all of the plants and worked with a hardworking man who removed my front lawn, put in a dry creek under a downspout, put down weed guard, planted most of the plants in anti gopher baskets and brought in mulch. the colors of the plants are chocolate brown, red and silver and white. it will be 3 years this summer since beginning redoing the front and everything is drought tolerant. lots of grasses, kangaroo paws, cordylane and coprosma, this summer i will be able to water once every 3 weeks.
scruz January 25, 2017
oh, and two gorgeous howard mcminn manzanitas with red/brown bark.
MMH January 24, 2017
We took on a lovely 3 story brick Craftsman 4 square which needs some love. We enlarged the back porch and balcony which is straight out our kitchen door. Then, we added raised beds and an herb garden so we can walk right out our kitchen door to the garden. We love it! ( hope the pic isn't sideways!!)
MMH January 24, 2017
Previous photo was in May. Here's the garden in late October. House was built in 1926.
MMH January 25, 2017
Neighborhood is a historic district and the state has tax incentives for restoration. Historical society sought designation because there are so many unique have mes.
MMH January 25, 2017
Sorry for typo - so many unique homes: Georgian revival, mission, arts & crafts, frank loyd wright, Queen Anne, federal, Victorian, Tudor, etc - a really fun place to live with a unique progressive dinner which I would love to share about in a different post. No boring suburbanite houses here!!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 24, 2017
I do plan to completely gut a small bathroom - old tub/shower, vanity with one sink & toilet in the next few months. I have a contractor friend that will come by in the next few weeks to check out my plumbing situation to tell me what is possible.
BerryBaby January 24, 2017
Had the kitchen updated from the 90's decor. Quartz (white marble with grey veining design), Black back splash 12" tile from countertop up the walls to meet the cabinets, all new appliances, kitchen painted a very light bluish grey, floors refinished. Had second thought about the black tile, but must admit it is stunning! Even the installer was impressed and said no one had done black with the white quartz, only white and grey. He took a ton of photos, it looks that good. So much fun cooking and being in the bright kitchen. I love it so much that sometimes I just stand in the middle of the room and stare, with a big smile on my face! :) Here's a photo....
Megan H. January 23, 2017
I tiled my entire bathroom myself. It's our only bathroom so we couldn't completely decommission it for long. We stayed in a hotel one weekend while the floor tiles set. Otherwise, we covered the shower tile in plastic sheeting while it set and our neighbors let us use their toilet while they were out of town. It was a long process; since I did the whole room, floor to ceiling, I gave myself a whole year to complete it. I used local, handmade tiles that I wouldn't have been able to afford had I hired someone to install them. Every morning when I shower I appreciate all the hard work that went into it.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 23, 2017
That looks beautiful, nice work Megan! And I love that you used local, handmade tiles, too, they're lovely!
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