How far in advance can I make this lemon bundt cake?

I want to make it for Easter but I'm traveling on Friday, so I'd have to make it Thursday night (maybe Friday morning if I got up extra early.) I'm hoping the lemon syrup will keep it moist enough for 3 days. I could probably do the icing at the last minute. Think it will hold up?

  • Posted by: kate
  • April 10, 2017


Lost_in_NYC April 11, 2017
I would make it on Thursday night (as earliest as you can) and soak it with the lemon syrup after its cooled. That way, it has a good 6-8 hours to meld the flavors and still taste fresh on Friday when you travel with it (and hopefully consume that day too!)

If you're worried about the lemon syrup drying out, you could also always make some extra and serve it on side before service.
ChefJune April 11, 2017
Imbibing the cake will retain the moisture.
PieceOfLayerCake April 10, 2017
A pound cake soaked in syrup will be fine for a few days if kept very well wrapped. I'd wrap it twice and just make sure it doesn't get squashed.
ChefJune April 10, 2017
Are you taking the cake with you? If you are coming back to it, I would make it Thursday night and freeze it on Friday morning before you leave. Pound cakes are extremely sturdy and hold up to freezing very well. But it will be fresher if you thaw it (in the fridge, please) on the day of service.
kate April 10, 2017
Sorry I wasn't clear, I will be traveling with the cake on Friday. I'll be on a train for several hours, so I won't be able to keep it frozen.
ChefJune April 11, 2017
In that case, I'd imbibe it with syrup as I do in my Coconut Pound Cake That will help the cake stay fresher and be lovely and moist for your dinner. I would add some lemon zest and juice to the imbibing syrup to "lemon it up" even more.
C S. April 10, 2017
I did not read your recipe but in general pound cakes hold up well for several days. They are dense and moist and do well for several days. Alternately you could wrap it and put it in the freezer until the day before you are going to use it. Enjoy it.
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