Can I use simple syrup to make frosting?

I have a great kumquat-flavored simple syrup that I'd like to make into a simple icing for a cake. I have butter but I want to know if there's any tried & true way to use simple syrup to make icing.

  • Posted by: spuntino
  • December 31, 2011


Shalini January 1, 2012
The Williams Sonoma Cakes cookbook has a really nice buttercream recipe using simple syrup. It seems like you could use your kumquat flavoured simple syrup for this. Here's a recipe:
sdebrango December 31, 2011
A seven minute frosting which is like a swiss meringue buttercream. Instead of making the simple syrup just heat and use your kumquat syrup here is a link to Martha Stewarts recipe. I think it would be delicious!
sdebrango December 31, 2011
It doesn't use any butter so it differs from a traditional buttercream icing but its very light and fluffy and I imagine with the syrup you have it would be really nice.
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