Which beef is best sub for flank?

I'm making a red curry with noodles. It calls for flank steak, but thanks to our meat CSA, we have ranch, bavette and flatiron steak in the freezer. Does anyone know which would be the best alternative? This is the recipe: http://www.epicurious.com...


Jocelyn Grayson


702551 May 29, 2017
Bavette is just another name for flank steak, this would be the choice.

Flatiron is a totally different cut from the opposite side of the steer; it is a shoulder cut. Sure, it might given decent end results for this recipe, but since you have bavette in the freezer, use that.

If you feel like it, you can also verify with your meat CSA operators. My guess is that someone has asked them a similar question before.
Jocelyn G. May 30, 2017
Thanks for the suggestion to contact them directly. They concurred that Bavette is the way to go.
MMH May 29, 2017
Jocelyn G. May 29, 2017
Thanks! It gets sliced after (against the grain), so I'll wait longer.
Leith D. May 29, 2017
I'd use the bavette...it's flap meat so it's almost the same as flank steak. Good luck!
My F. May 29, 2017
Totally agree.

Depending on whether you are slicing the meat before cooking or after this bit may be unnecessary: I've found that its easier to thinly slice flap meat after grilling/cooking if it rests maybe 10minutes longer than usual for beef (so more like 30mins).
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