Based on head notes it sounds like this salad made in a saute pan would work . Any advise on this modification? I have made this salad several tim... in a toaster oven ( now dead) and I am avoiding the oven



caninechef June 20, 2017
HI Nancy -- Thank you so much for proving the link to the original stove-top version. I think I will blend the 2 recipes as I love Emily's version with balsamic vinegar and just a touch of maple syrup.
Nancy June 19, 2017
Sounds like yes ;)
Have a look at the full head note.
Seems the restaurant where the author first encountered the dish made it in a saute pan.
Nancy June 19, 2017
Duh, sorry, you already saw the headnotes.
Will this make amends?
Here is Chef Mike Lata's own recipe for Warm Shrimp & Radicchio Salad, straight from The Fig in Charleston, including saute pan heat and timing.
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