A question about the Foodpickle

I've received enough answers -- how do I take down my question?

  • Posted by: 3rdCasey
  • February 25, 2011


susan G. February 25, 2011
From both experience and observation, it seems that as soon as a question reaches p.2, it is out of sight/out of mind, so the answers quickly stop coming.
On my wish list: number the pages in reverse order so that 1 is the oldest -- then I can note where a Q is and easily go back to it.
...and now that you have those wonderful little recipe links (even though the pertinence is sometimes baffling -- could you have similar links to FP Q's? So many repeat questions!
AntoniaJames February 25, 2011
I am so looking forward to the unsubscribe functionality. For a while I stopped commenting and answering simply because the email traffic was overwhelming, and the lack of detail in the subject lines makes it impossible for me effectively to filter. And, I'm totally with Greenstuff on the edit feature . . . . I cannot believe (and it makes me cringe just to think about) some of the errors made when the quick fingers overtake the tired brain and there's no time for proofing in hard copy. Thanks to all of you at food52 for everything that you're doing to improve the user experience. ;o)
Peter February 25, 2011
3rdCasey, my name's Peter and I work at Food52.

We're likely never going to allow questions to be removed -- the questions and answers are valuable to others. But we're not far away from adding the ability to "unsubscribe" to the answers posted to a question you've asked or answered. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, I'm all ears when it comes to other suggestions about the Foodpickle.
Greenstuff February 25, 2011
Like right now. I see that food52 has your back, and it'd be nice to be able to edit!
Greenstuff February 25, 2011
You can't. That doesn't bother me, because other people may learn something from your questions and answers too. What I'd like is an "edit" function, so that I, for a brief period, could fix my typos and add the thoughts I seem to have as soon as I hit "submit answer."
Food52 February 25, 2011
Hi 3rdCasey -- you can email [email protected] for any requests like this. Thanks!
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