Is it possible to edit my Favorites recipe collection?

I have recipes I originally put in favorites but have since added to a more descriptive and usefully titled collection. I want to delete them out of Favorites but at least for me there does not seem to be an "edit button" provided for Favorites. All my other collections display an "edit button". Is this the design? An Oops? Or a personal quirk of my display. Just wondering.



caninechef August 10, 2017
Hi Veronica -That did seem to work, thanks. I guess I thought I had purposely saved things to the Favorites collection, not that things automatically got put in there by clicking the heart button. I always thought that was just sort of a thumbs up for the recipe. It seems counter productive to put everything together in one folder automatically when people can build topic specific collections. So the only way to remove them is evidently retract my "approval" rating. Thanks for taking the time.
Veronica August 10, 2017
Hi there Canine Chef! You can remove recipes from favorites! To remove a recipe from your favorites list click the red <3 button. Then when you refresh they will be removed from your list :)

Similarly, to unsave or save a recipe to a new list click the blue "saved" button, a pop-up will appear, move the recipe to a new list by checking the box for the list you'd like and uncheck the list the recipe/article should be removed from.

Let me know if you need further clarification!
Veronica August 10, 2017
Note: You'll know that you've un-favorited a recipe if the button is no longer red
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