How do I alphabetize my collections under the “save” button?

How do I alphabetize my collections under the “save” button? It used to be done automatically then about a year ago it completely stopped and just presents them as a random jumbled mess. I can’t find my collections I want to save recipes to anymore. It’s just a jumbled mess. I’ve tried alphabetizing them under “collections” but this doesn’t seem to affect the order they’re displayed under the “save” button at all. This has taken all the joy out of Food52 for me. Please help!



lottoqueen August 11, 2021
You have asked the question and I also would like an answer. A to Z, not 'A' three quarters down a long list of saved collections. We surely can't be the only two people wanting to know how to solve this problem.

I would also like the ability to SAVE certain Hotline/Discussion questions & answers rather than search through them again. The ability to categorize them would also be helpful.
mikedalena August 11, 2021
OMG! Thank you! I have been asking this question of them through EVERY avenue and I just get ignored. I hardly check the site anymore because it’s just a hassle to use! I really wish we could get an answer!
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