Spice Blend in Bulk?

I have a spice blend recipe which is from an old restaurant that hasn't been open for many years. The problem is that the recipe is for a single serving use. Do I need any special calculators to make a bulk batch of this or do I just multiply it for how many servings I need?

  • Posted by: Chris
  • September 27, 2017
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1 Comment

Nancy September 27, 2017
two or three ideas for you:
1) look for the same blend in a larger recipe elsewhere on the web
2) make maximum 1 cup for now & see how fast you use it up (blends lose their punch after a few months, maximum one year),
3) if you can't identify it or find a recipe close enough, yes just multiply your single serving recipe
4) however, be cautious and use less than the full multiple of very strong spices, e.g., peppers or ones you don't like as much. You can always add them back in if needed, but it's harder to adjust if there's too much of one flavor
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