Lightening Coconut Custard with Whipped Cream

I made coconut custard from Joanne Chang's Flour cookbook. Wondering if I can lighten it with a little whipped cream? Recipe began with 1 14 oz can cocononut milk, 4 egg yolks + 1 egg, and 1/2 cup milk. It is a little sweeter than I'd like and I'd like it more billowy... It's for pie. Thx in advance!



702551 October 11, 2017
Another option to consider would be using stiffly beaten egg whites as is done for a crème Chiboust.
ChefJune October 11, 2017
You definitely can lighten it with whipped cream, but it will not be as stable at room temp that way.
Your question has reminded me I need to enter my Coconut Dream Pie recipe into my recipes here...
creamtea October 14, 2017
Well, I tried it and in fact it was too loose and flowy, butI'm thrilled to have finally made piecrust and to have attempted something other than apple or pumpkin pie. It was delicious but not visually perfect. Can't wait to try it again with hopefully better results. Thank you for your help, June.
Nancy October 11, 2017
Lisanne - I've done this with other custards and it works. You can also use other whipped dairy - mascarpone, cream cheese, etc. Presume you are just spooning the mixture into the crust and chilling. No more cooking, right? If cooking, I know nothing.
Yours truly, Jon Snow
creamtea October 11, 2017
Correct, Jon, no more cooking. Thanks very much for your help!
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