Coconut whipped cream compatible with whipped cream from heavy cream?

I am making a coconut cake and realized I don't have coconut extract for the frosting, which is whipped cream with mascarpone as a stabilizer. Do you think it would work to add some chilled coconut cream from the top of a can of coconut milk (like in all of those whipped coconut cream recipes? ex: Thanks!

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • March 16, 2018


Maedl March 17, 2018
Good move! I was thinking of the flavors in a Mounds bar.
Maedl March 17, 2018
I don’t think the coconut cream will provide enough coconut flavor, but this answer is probably too late. I might have tried almond extract in place of coconut. If you used the coconut cream, did it de-stabilize the whipped cream?
Jessica March 17, 2018
That is exactly what I did! - used almond extract. I didn't try the coconut cream.
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