Ideas for using up a cake I messed up?

This morning I baked Molly Yeh's chocolate hazelnut cake. It would have come out beautifully had I actually remembered to add sugar to the batter. I baked a second batch, but does anyone have any ideas for how to use up the first set? I would love to find a way to repurpose it!

  • Posted by: Kate
  • November 17, 2017


Nancy November 17, 2017
Dry out. Crumble.
Add nuts, butter & a bit of sugar to make toppings for fruit crumbles.
Or use, instead of flour, to prepare cake pans before you add the batter.
HalfPint November 17, 2017
Maybe a trifle with lots of sweet custard or pudding and chocolate chips?

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Emmie November 17, 2017
Depends on the taste and texture--if it can crumble, you could make some frosting and make cake pops! I could see these coming out really delicious actually because normally cake pops are super sweet. Or, you could crumble it, toast the pieces, and use them as decoration for the second cake.
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