Can you freeze coconut custard and lemon meringue pie

I asked this question before, receiving no answer. Can you answer it now please.

  • Posted by: Diane
  • November 26, 2017


dinner A. November 27, 2017
Hi Diane, just FYI the question answerers on this forum come from the community -- it's no one's job to answer it. So, getting your answer answered isn't guaranteed in any space of time. I enjoy helping out when I have a bit of time, but only volunteer answers to questions when I have specific relevant knowledge.
spiffypaws November 26, 2017
yes. I work in a bakery. We cool our custard pies once they are no longer hot in the freezer to get them down to a safe temp quickly. Have accidentally left them in the freezer a few times and tasted them; no separation or reduction in quality. We use egg white powder when making meringue pies and one night someone put all the meringue pies in the freezer overnight-we tasted one the next day and there was no weeping of the meringue or bad texture; they were ok.
Emmie November 26, 2017
Custard doesn't freeze well; it tends to separate. I don't think meringue freezes well either.
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