What is the best citrus gift delivery company? I want a Food 52-approved style Harry & David.

Looking to send a box of fresh citrus to a friend as a gift, but looking for a more modern, conscientious version of a Harry & David. Recommendations?

  • Posted by: Hallie
  • January 4, 2018


MMH January 7, 2018
I like Sun Harvest Citrus in Ft Myers, FL. I was just there. If you go in person, they have excellent orange ice cream.
mstv January 7, 2018
I have only purchased from them directly at farmers' market but I have long enjoyed their citrus (and it is organic) and I know they do ship as well - Friend's Ranch in Ojai, California.

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702551 January 4, 2018
My recommendation is Frog Hollow Farms (based in Brentwood, California). Their products are sold in the Food52 store so they are already "Food 52-approved."

They are suppliers to many of the SF Bay Area's best restaurants; notably Chez Panisse has been a longtime customer of Frog Hollow Farms.
Merrill S. January 4, 2018
100% agree with this recommendation. Their Meyer lemons are spectacular.
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