Bread and Butter Stuffing with Fresh Sage

Hello. Has anyone tried David Rosengarten's "Bread and Butter Stuffing with Fresh Sage?" It's in the Dean & Deluca Cookbook. Thanks!



dickensthedog December 25, 2011
You are very welcome.
dickensthedog December 24, 2011
The stuffing was a great success. I made it outside the turkey as the recipe suggests, and it was moist and tender throughout with excellent flavor. It's a keeper for sure!
nutcakes December 25, 2011
Thanks for the report, I'm saving for later.
dickensthedog December 24, 2011
I'll be sure to report back :) Truth be told, I have never been afraid of butter. My family reminds me of the time I tallied the butter used for a Thanksgiving meal, and it came out to one stick per person, hahahahha....

P.S. I can't believe that I only just now found this site. What kindred souls you are!
nutcakes December 24, 2011
I'd try it. Remember, that is a large amount of stuffing, serves 18. That breaks down to 2-1/2 Tbsp butter per serving (200 cal, just don't tell anyone) Please come back and let us know, I'm very curious.
dickensthedog December 23, 2011
It's the butter ratio I am nervous about... Thanks very much for the links. I think that I will indeed try it. I agree that the sources are indeed reliable.
nutcakes December 23, 2011
I found a mention of the same recipe, only calling for 1-1/2 sticks of butter, however, it says 'adapted; from

Mark Bittman published James Beard's stuffing which has the same ratio of bread to butter (insane)
nutcakes December 23, 2011
Sorry no one has commented. I've never seen it before now and while it sounds outrageous, I'd try it. The sources are reliable. Did you have a particular question?
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