Curious about people's favorite quinoa recipes... Thoughts, suggestions?



Bevi September 21, 2010
I like to make a lemon, olive oil, and S&P vinaigrette that I add to the quinoa while still warm. Then, saute one chopped zucchini and add that, add some chopped scallion, some cubed feta cheese, some toasted pine nuts, some golden raisins, some chopped cucumber, some roasted corn if you have it - anything that strikes your fancy.
akmartin September 21, 2010
I love this Quinoa Tabbouleh recipe from Cooking Light -- it is truly a refreshing, light summer dish. I modify it by doubling the amount of tomato, parsley, raisins and cucumbers. I also salt the chopped cucumber and then drain it first, so it is not too liquidy.
halfasiangirl September 20, 2010
I absolutely love a quinoa, shitake and fennel salad from the LA Times. The Wednesday Chef cooks it here and I find her adaptation of the recipe to to be spot on.
I also usually add zucchini, which I recommend.
ChristineB September 20, 2010
I've made a delish quinoa and corn salad with parsley and feta and a tart lemon vinaigrette. I've always found that, when i'm making quinoa salads, the cooking time for the quinoa is about half what most cookbooks and recipes state. If you cook it for the full time, it gets a little too moist/slimy for my taste. If it's drier, it can absorb more tasty flavors from the veg and dressing!
healthierkitchen September 20, 2010
And I should have mentioned to check out Lorna Sass' cookbooks as she has great ideas for quinoa as well as other grains!
healthierkitchen September 20, 2010
I posted this one with Napa cabbage, onion and shiitake mushrooms last year on my blog. I will try to get it up on food52 soon.
lastnightsdinner September 19, 2010
And here's mine!
Lucia F. September 19, 2010
Too funny but I just posted one to my blog,
But we were not that crazy about it! I was shocked because this is the first Mark Bittman recipe I was not gaga over. One of my favorites is -
That is one I would make again!
AntoniaJames September 19, 2010
This one -- Butternut Squash with Cinnamon and Mint -- is amazing, and seasonal, too. I like it with a combination of red and regular quinoa. You can also adapt it, to use couscous, farro, even leftover short grain brown rice (the chewy kind), instead of quinoa.

You can also use acorn squash or any other autumn/winter squash instead of butternut, or even chunks of carrot, if you like. ;o)
drbabs September 19, 2010
Here's another great Food 52 recipe:

I also like it mixed with dates or raisins and almonds, some cardamom and parsley or mint--like a pilaf.
pierino September 19, 2010
Well, here's my own recipe I actually prefer the red quinoa but mostly for presentation purposes.
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