Has anyone cooked from the Mission Chinese Food cookbook?

My husband bought me this cookbook after we ate a truly amazing meal at the restaurant in NY. So far we have made the pastrami Kung Pao and the broccoli beef. Both were... lackluster. I'm wondering if we are doing something wrong or if others have experienced this. The book is a great read, but so far the recipes haven't worked that well and I can't pinpoint why. We are pretty experienced in the kitchen at this point and I'm usually pretty confident about recipes. The food at the restaurant was so amazing, but we live far away and I'd love to be able to replicate the dishes at home.

  • Posted by: Megan
  • January 24, 2018
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1 Comment

Jenn January 24, 2018
The Mapo Tofu (vegetarian version) is on point! It's a decent amount of work but yields a whole extra party size version of the sauce... so I just vacuum seal it and toss it in the freezer for my next asian food feast. Highly recommend.
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