how far ahead can i prepare a beef wellington

Del Palmer


Nancy December 16, 2020
Del Palmer - most recipes advise maximum 24 hours, and stopping before you add the puff pastry. Wrap tightly, store in fridge. Remove from fridge and finish the recipe.
Del P. December 16, 2020
Thank you so much. I am hesitant to leave it until Christmas Day in case I really screw it up
Nancy December 17, 2020
PS Del - You may want to do one or two things to compensate for the chill on the meat straight from the fridge.
Either let it sit at room temp a short while (half hour or so) to let the internal temp of the meat rise somewhat before roasting/baking.
But don't let it sit more than two hours at room temp - that's unsafe.
And/or use a meat thermometer (rather than relying only on time in the oven) to make sure it reaches desired doneness and safe internal temp.
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