Unripe Mandarins

I bought a bag of mandarins that have refused to ripen, even after 2 weeks. Their skin is quite thin but tough and they aren't wonderful to eat. Any suggestions what I can make or do with them?

  • Posted by: Michele
  • February 5, 2018


mstv February 6, 2018
I would use recipes that call for calamondins (calamansi) or sour oranges, perhaps adding a bit of lemon juice to make them even a little more sour.
BerryBaby February 6, 2018
I had this happen as well and juiced them. Enjoyed it like orange juice!
Mirella February 5, 2018
Marmalade! If they are sour they will make even better marmalade than if they are sweet.
Michele February 6, 2018
Yes, that is a great idea, there are so many I can have a go at that. Thanks!
Michele February 5, 2018
Thanks so much for the great suggestions, I completely went blank with what to do with them. Happy I can get some use from them.
HalfPint February 5, 2018
Slice & Dry them? Would make a good tea. Or at the least potpourri.

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Smaug February 5, 2018
Citrus won't ripen off the tree, nor will it develop sugars without some cold weather. Sour mandarin juice can be a good addition in marinades, barbecue sauce, chilis etc., much as you might use lemon or lime, though the flavor won't be as strong.
PHIL February 5, 2018
you could juice them and use in a salad dressing , sweeten as Nancy suggested.
Nancy February 5, 2018
I'd be afraid to add them to expensive other ingredients in case their unripeness ruined the dish or drink.
Instead cut them up, mix with some sweetener (for fruit salad) or salt (for savory salad). Cover and leave at room temp overnighter half a day, to see if the seasoning helped.
If yes, proceed.
If not, consider them sunk costs and discard.
Nancy February 5, 2018
Auto incorrect struck again.
should read: "overnight or"
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