Is it better to freeze cooked or raw chicken?

I bought more chicken thighs (bone-in, skin on) than I can eat this week. I was planning on making chicken in vinegar sauce, and I'm not sure if it's better to just make it with all the chicken I bought and freeze half? Or just freeze half the raw chicken to use for something else later?



Nancy August 24, 2020
They're both ok from safety and taste points if view.
If the chicken thighs are at it near their fridge safety expiry date, I would cook all and freeze what you dont need now. Otherwise, your choice.
In practice, i find having cooked chicken in the freezer quicker and easier to incorporate in a future meal.
linzarella August 24, 2020
Thanks! I was mainly wondering from a taste perspective. If I cook it all and freeze half, what's the best way to freeze it? Should I pull it off the bone and shred or can I just freeze whole in the sauce?
Nancy August 24, 2020
Depends on how you want to serve or use the defrosted cooked chicken. If you plan to serve the cooked sauces chicken as is then freeze whole in sauce. If you plane to use the shredded sauced chicken meat (as is or in another dish), its easier to shred before freezing.
Both ways will taste good.
MMH August 25, 2020
I agree but depending on how you want to serve it, I like to thaw the cooked chicken and then warm it up under the broiler to get crispy skin.
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