Almond Crackle Cookies

Can these be frozen?



Nancy March 23, 2018
Whether you mean the Greenspan or the Italian almond crackle cookies, yes they freeze well.
Most last 6-8 months in freezer (talking quality not taste here. If you love them, they will last shorter time, as in foofaraw example).
A few cookies do poorly in freezer (ones from liquidy batters like tuiles, and sponge-cake type like madeleines). See interesting article from kitchn site:
foofaraw March 22, 2018
After baked, I just put mine in the fridge and they last ~2 months (can't know if it would last more because they were gone by then) and it didn't go stale. I take some out when I want to eat within a few days.
Emmie March 22, 2018
If you're talking about the Dorie Greenspan cookies, I don't see why not, though they might get quite hard in the freezer.
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