Can I use almond flour/meal to make almond paste?

I'd like to try a cake that calls for almond paste. As usual, I didn't plan this out and didn't buy almond paste. I've seen recipes for homemade almond paste using whole almonds as well, but all I have on hand is almond flour. Can I use this to make almond paste, or should I just suck it up and go to the grocery store and get almonds or almond paste? Thanks!

Stephanie B.


Windischgirl May 21, 2017
Look for a recipe that gives the almond amount by weight and you should be able to sub 1:1. I would recommend that you use the blanched almond flour. I once made almond paste when all I had was the meal--which has the skins ground in along with the almonds--and it looked mottled and the texture was more coarse. It tasted fine but didn't look as pretty.
Stephanie B. May 21, 2017
Thanks! I've got a scale and lots of blanched almond flour so it seems I'm set!
Lindsay-Jean H. May 20, 2017
I think you can use almond flour, as it's usually made from just blanched almonds, which is what homemade almond paste recipes call for, like this one:
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