How to prevent sliced banana from browning?

I would like to slice some bananas in advance of actually using them. Is there something I can do to keep them from turning brown that will not alter the flavor or texture? With avocados, I just run them under cold water.

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Panfusine March 6, 2011
drizzle with a citrus juice
sheredel March 6, 2011
leon juice..
beyondcelery March 5, 2011
I've not found a good way to do this--neither citrus nor yogurt seems to quite do the trick. But I can tell you that a half banana, still in the peel, can be kept from turning brown on its exposed end by spreading a bit of peanut butter or cream cheese over it. It's delicious to bite off later!
francesca G. March 5, 2011
You might be able to pop it in the freezer to use in a smoothie or let slowly defrost later, but to be perfectly honest -- not sure there's a good way to do this. I don't believe juicing a bit of citrus over it would help a banana, though you could give that a whirl...
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