Any tips on storing/display french wooden kitchen brushes?

How can I store/display my wooden kitchen utility brushes?

Tanya Dubay


702551 May 25, 2018
You might get a few more suggestions if you elucidate the feeling you are trying to accomplish. Whimsical? Sleek? Rustic? Do you want any context or do you want something formal and austere like a museum display case?

You will need to decide on a budget, something you might want to mention. The sky's the limit if you have someone else with more skills, tools, materials and artistic ability do it for you.

You can take the brushes to a high-end framing shop (not a chain like Michael's) and the framer will ask a series of questions, again trying to understand what sort of mood/presentation you are trying to accomplish.

Of course, a custom one-off display done by a talented framer may cost several hundred dollars.

Photos are often a more descriptive and helpful medium in this type of endeavor ("a picture tells a thousand words") and sites like Pinterest are perhaps a better place to kick off such inspirational musings rather than an extremely text-heavy, food-focused Q&A forum.

Anyhow, best of luck.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 25, 2018
Do they have loops or holes at the ends? If so you could do a pegboard:
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