lemon cake recipe

Okay so this is probably a dumb question, but i want to make a lemon cake soon for my birthday. And i cant really find any good recipes, So i was wondering if i just take a vanilla cake and add lemon zest and lemon juice, will my cake deflate or fall? Is there any specific ingredients, i would need to add to make sure this won't happen? Thanks in advance

  • Posted by: Deanna
  • May 24, 2018


Nancy May 25, 2018
Deanna, your solution would probably work.
But/and, if you're interested in a vert tasty, well-loved and easy recipe, make Julia Child's orange sponge cake, replacing the orange flavoring (juice and zest) with lemon.
Can be served plain, with a dusting of confectioners sugar, whipped cream or an icing of your choice.
Just do a search...many copies of her recipe out there.
Nancy May 25, 2018
Here's the recipe (from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Beck, Bertholle & Child):
Deanna May 25, 2018
Thanks, that sounds perfect. I'll make sure to look it up
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