Your best Stella Parks recipe.

Do you have a favorite Stella Parks recipe you'd like to share!

  • Posted by: Nan
  • July 9, 2018


Ttrockwood July 11, 2018
I’m not much of a baker but i do cookies, her triple oatmeal cookies are crazy amazing! And since oatmeal = healthy they’re totally acceptable for breakfast.
Stephanie G. July 10, 2018
Not sure if you have the cookbook or not but the chocolate chip cookies gluten free version are delicious. When I made them, no one could tell they were gluten free. And none of that zantham gum stuff is in the ingredients.
Smaug July 10, 2018
I think Xanthan gum is mostly used in gluten free flour mixtures as a gluten substitute, so it wouldn't be of much use in cookies.
Emmie July 10, 2018
Honestly, all of her recipes I've made have come out amazing, but I especially love her brownies (
Smaug July 10, 2018
Word is she's a Trekkie- I wonder if she does any of that Klingon stuff.
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