A question about a recipe: Peaches And Sour Cream Ice Cream

I have a question about the recipe "Peaches And Sour Cream Ice Cream" from Alice Medrich. Could you used canned peaches for peaches and sour cream ice cream?

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Peaches And Sour Cream Ice Cream
Recipe question for: Peaches And Sour Cream Ice Cream


Rhy (. August 3, 2018
Of course, yes. I was asking because the ones I have are particularly dreamy in flavour. Thank you for your reply!

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ChefJune August 3, 2018
Technically, yes, you could. But this is fresh peach season, and fresh peaches have a much livelier flavor than canned, that I don't know why you would want to. Maybe in the dead of winter they would suffice.
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