Roasting chicken breasts didn't brown

I roasted skinless stuffed chicken breasts in a stainless steel pan at 400° and they didn't brown. The pan was lightly oiled and the chicken was topped with thin slice of pancetta. But the chicken never browned. Does anyone have any thoughts?

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • August 24, 2018


Colleen August 26, 2018
Two things come to mind. What kind of oil did you use? If it’s one that has a high smoke point, then it might not have gotten cooked enough if it was on the chicken. The same goes for the fats released by the pancetta.
Secondly, I would add some butter to the top of your roast chicken, much like you do when roasting a turkey. Just like when you roast turkey, it’s the butter that induces browning. There might not have been enough fats in the pancetta alone.
Colleen August 26, 2018
Also, much like browning a turkey, try tenting your bird with foil to see if that helps.
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