How to reduce a salty recipe

I made a dressing that is too salty. What can I add to reduce the salt taste

Susie Sears Davis


Jackie August 27, 2018
Slices of uncooked potato (almost any kind of potato) will definitely help. Add those and simmer.
Nancy August 27, 2018
If you can use up more, make another batch WITHOUT any salt. Mix the two and use.
If you don't need that much, dilute the dressing with something fatty or creamy (but low in salt)...milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, egg yolk, oil, etc.
Reduce the PERCEIVED salt taste by not adding any salt to the dishes you intend to serve it over. Let the dressing carry the burden of seasoning the dish.
If it's REALLY REALLY salty, OTT, you may have to ditch the salt batch.
Susie S. August 27, 2018
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