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Keeping tahini-based dressing

Hey guys, I just made a roasted cauliflower and eggplant recipe that included a tahini and lemon juice dressing. The dressing was really good, but it made a lot more than I needed. Can I keep this in my fridge, covered? How long? It's a pretty simple dressing, just has 1/4 c each tahini, water and lemon juice, some minced garlic and finally 1/4 t salt. Thanks!

asked by WannabeBaker over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

Yes, tahini is very shelf-stable, especially in the fridge. The lemon juice will be the first to go off - pitch it if/when you sense a strange odour or there is discolouration (slime/mould). Give it a taste before using, as the raw garlic may start to overpower too.

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added over 4 years ago

It probably won't last too many days in the fridge as the freshness will begin to fade due to the lemon juice and garlic. You could make a green goddess type dressing out of the leftover mix that you already have since the basic ingredients are there (will have to add a few additional ingredients). Or you could make hummus since those are the same base ingredients as well. Blend/puree a can of chick peas with the mix+olive oil and then just adjust the lemon juice/garlic/salt to taste. Hope this helps!

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added over 4 years ago

I have used a similar dressing -- mine was pretty thick -- as a mayo type spread. Could also be used as a veggie burger base, with beans, grated veg, onions, bread crumbs. (This would be what I might call play dough -- just play with it!)