How to create Soft jam drops please

I have just made a batch of jam drops and they have turned out crunchy, what can I add to make them soft please

  • Posted by: Pam
  • September 20, 2018
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1 Comment

creamtea September 21, 2018
If you could clarify exactly what happened, with a link to the recipe, it would be helpful. In the meantime, this recipe substitutes cornstarch for some of the flour to make them softer; perhaps you could try that next time: . As far as the cookies you have already baked, not much you can do to change them, perhaps they will be softer the day after baking. Did they overbake and turn brown on the bottom? Was there a problem with the oven temperature (you can check the temperature with an oven thermometer)? Were they left in the oven too long?
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