Tell me your favorite wine to pair with beef chili...

Standard chili recipe, peppers, beef, beans, chicken broth...

Stephanie G


Nancy October 21, 2018
Chateau malt hops or barley.
I favor lager, but this article suggests either lager or IPA (India Pale Ale).
Smaug October 20, 2018
I fear that chili, like so many before it, is a lost word, but if there can be said to be a "classic" chili it would be along the lines of the southwest original, which does not contain beans, chili powder or tomatoes- it may contain some allspice or cinnamon.
Emily |. October 20, 2018
With a classic chili (beef, tomatoes, some beans, chili powder and warm spices) I love an Italian Primitivo.
Smaug October 20, 2018
There's no such thing as a standard chili recipe- could be anything from tomato soup with a chopped up jalapeno to chilis and not much else. However-mango nectar is the best accompaniment, of course, or beer if you lean that way, but you'd want a strong red if you go with wine.
702551 October 20, 2018
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