what to do with my chilis?

My chili pepper plant is a prolific producer (it's a super chili; fruit is about the size and spice of a serrano) and I can't use the peppers fast enough! I know chili week was last week, but I'd like recipes for salsa or something that will use a lot of chilis at once. Any ideas?



lazychef August 17, 2011
Thanks for all the great suggestions!
sdunleavy August 17, 2011
I really enjoy heat on grilled foods (corn, potatoes, chicken) Have it as an add on and 'pickle' them... slice thin and mix with 2 tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice... let sit and you can just snack on them or add them to the top on any meal to add some controlable heat... Especially love it on top of soup =)
garlic&lemon August 17, 2011
I agree with all of these suggestions and want to add a couple more. Be sure and allow at least some of your chiles to fully ripen - turn red. Then treat them the same as the green ones: pickle, vinegar, roast, freeze, etc. The green and red versions of the same chile have slightly different tastes. You can also dry the fully ripened chiles by tying them in strings (with string) and hanging them in a dry place outside. BTW, here in New Mexico, chili is what we call the dish with beans and meat made in Texas or other foreign places. Chile is what we call the peppers and the green or red sauces made with them. Plural: chiles. (Official State Question: Red or Green?, referring to which one you want on your food. If you want both, that's "Christmas.")
cookinginvictoria August 17, 2011
When I have an abundance of chilis, I like to roast them and then put them unpeeled and unseeded in a ziploc bag and stick them in the freezer. When you want to use them, take them out of the freezer. It's not necessary to completely defrost them, but after about 10 minutes or so you will be able to easily peel and seed them. You can cook them further and use them in soups, stews and chiles or add them to fresh salsa or guacamole.
susan G. August 17, 2011
LIke inpatskitchen, I freeze chilis raw, but I just put them is a zip lock bag uncut. Just takes a moment.
inpatskitchen August 16, 2011
I just freeze chilis raw, dice them up, wrap them well and use them this winter when you're looking for some spice.
JessicaBakes August 16, 2011
if you like to pickle things (especially carrots), throw a chile or two in each jar with them. amazing flavor!
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 16, 2011
There was a foodpickle question about jalapenos, that may apply to preserving your home grown chili peppers for future use before they go bad. Here it is: http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/7148-what-to-do-with-all-my-jalepenos#pickle-answers

Also, as you may know, a search for chili peppers in the recipe search may inspire you!
student E. August 16, 2011
try pickling some of your chilis! http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2009/04/pickled-peppers/

they will make a wonderful addition to huevos rancheros, chilis, burritos, and other kinds of soups
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