Is carbonara sauce still safe to eat after 5 hours of being in a thermos?

(and in the fridge)

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  • Posted by: Someone
  • November 12, 2018


nancy E. November 13, 2018
Carbonara is egg tossed with hot pasta. How do you put this in a thermos?
BerryBaby November 14, 2018
It would work in one of those wide-mouthed Thermos.
So S. November 12, 2018
if it's in the fridge i'd say it's still good.... i usually save my sauces for a few days in the fridge and they were fine, although i've never had to store carbonara sauce (other cream based sauces i've stored successfully). if you have your doubts, sniff it and if it smells sour, then dump. taste a little bit and if it tastes off, dump.
Someone November 12, 2018
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