What's a good recipe for spaghetti carbonara?

  • Posted by: argus48
  • August 13, 2012


Serena P. August 20, 2012
You should try my recipe here http://serenapalumbo.com/blog/?p=2219 this is the way they make it in Rome at a famous restaurant called "La Matriciana" in front of the opera house. It is easy and cheap but you cannot beat the flavor!
Brain H. August 14, 2012
I like mine with a handful of shredded, sauteed kale tossed in at the end for texture, and to make me feel better about all those fat grams.

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Greenstuff August 14, 2012
I tend to think of carbonara as a process more than a recipe. Cook your pasta, mix your eggs, let the heat from the pasta cook the eggs, add a little pancetta or bacon and Romano and/or Parmesan. But this early FOOD52 recipe follows that process pretty well, http://www.food52.com/recipes/214_daddys_carbonara
pierino August 14, 2012
...and be sure to add ground black pepper. "Carbonara" refers to a coal burner.
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