I have a question about wet brining a turkey. Can my turkey still be partially frozen when I start the brining process?

How long should it take to roast a spatchcocked, 20 pound, wet brined turkey?

Eileen Schleifer


MMH November 18, 2018
I’ve also got a great hack from Lynn Rosetta Kasper which I’ve usd with a frozen turkey. Put the turkey and brine in one of those huge 40 gal zip loc bags. Put that in a cooler.
Caroline L. November 18, 2018
Hi Eileen! Good news, you can actually simultaneously thaw and brine your turkey. It should defrost by the time your turkey is perfectly brined!
Eileen S. November 18, 2018
Thank you! Such a relief because my turkey is still frozen solid and will probably need to a wet bath to help it thaw! So thankful you and Food 52 are here to help.
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