Rib roast

I have a 16lb roast currently in the oven at 300. I want to hit my RTS temp of 135. I know that the roast will continue to cook after I pull it - do I account for that and pull it at 125?

  • Posted by: Larry
  • November 22, 2018


Larry November 22, 2018
Copy that. I’ll drop it to 250 now, maybe lower a little later depending on how fast it cooks.

Thanks Eric - big thanks to you and the rest of the guys at Food52 to take the time out of your holiday to help us out.

Have a great holiday yourself, and thanks again!
Larry November 22, 2018
Thanks Eric - one more question. It’s currently 2:45 CST, and the temps at 97. Dinner’s planned to be RTS at 6:00.

I don’t want it done too early - how low can I drop the oven temp to be done (not including 30m rest time) to take advantage of the 3 hours I have left?
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