Rib roast

I have a 16lb roast currently in the oven at 300. I want to hit my RTS temp of 135. I know that the roast will continue to cook after I pull it - do I account for that and pull it at 125?

  • Posted by: Larry
  • November 22, 2018


Larry November 22, 2018
Copy that. I’ll drop it to 250 now, maybe lower a little later depending on how fast it cooks.

Thanks Eric - big thanks to you and the rest of the guys at Food52 to take the time out of your holiday to help us out.

Have a great holiday yourself, and thanks again!
Eric K. November 22, 2018
No problem, Larry! Enjoy!
Larry November 22, 2018
Thanks Eric - one more question. It’s currently 2:45 CST, and the temps at 97. Dinner’s planned to be RTS at 6:00.

I don’t want it done too early - how low can I drop the oven temp to be done (not including 30m rest time) to take advantage of the 3 hours I have left?
Eric K. November 22, 2018
You know, if I were you, I'd just cook it to 125, then let it rest and sit at room temperature (covered TIGHTLY in foil) until dinner. Rib roast is delicious at room temp, and you'd be surprised at how much heat is retained even hours later.

With that said, if you want to slow it down, maybe you could drop it to 250 degrees?
Eric K. November 22, 2018
Wowza! Look at that delicious beast. The crust sounds super tasty. Enjoy, Larry.
Eric K. November 22, 2018
Hi Larry--

For sure. I'd definitely pull it out before, especially a roast, knowing that it'll carryover cook. 125 sounds safe to me.

Lucky family! I love rib roast.
Larry November 22, 2018
Thanks! I’m trying to start a no-turkey thanksgiving tradition here. I’ll pull it as 125.

I’ve done a kosher/coffee ground/brown sugar crust - I’ll be happy if it turns out half as good as I think it will...
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