How do you bone a duck?

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yesplease March 11, 2011
Here are a few"technique" tips:

1. Make sure your duck is completely defrosted before you start if it was on ice at the meat shop or if it is frozen. (You'll be less likely to cut yourself, and your hands will be more comfortable. I like to bring the bird to room temp before I de-bone.)

2. Start with the legs, working one at a time. Turn the skin right side-out after you finish removing the bone so it keeps its structure and so you don't get confused about what you're cutting later.

3. Don't "saw" with your knife, but apply pressure with your hand. So long as you follow the bone with the knife, the meat should separate from the bone easily. You'll also avoid marred meat and/or fingers.

4. Be especially patient when you separate the breasts from the bone -- you don't want to damage the tenderloin!

**Unsolicited advice: if you're planning to roast or grill your duck, try poaching it for a few minutes first. If you score the skin before the poach, you can render off some of the fat. This extra step helps achieve an extra-crispy skin AND leaves you with some delicious duck fat for roasting vegetables!
Kristen M. March 11, 2011
Here are instructions on boning duck, turkey AND chicken from turducken guru Paul Prudhomme

And for fun, here's Amanda's article on turducken from 2002!
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