#askmelissaclark What are some good ways to use stock made from the bones left over from your duck confit? I have stock in my freezer but n

Thanks very much. ;o)



Kukla October 9, 2013
I agree with Melissa Clark’s answer, good duck stock is a perfect base for all kind of soups: http://food52.com/recipes/15382
Truly S. March 29, 2012
perhaps it might be nice to use some of it for sauteeing or braising some interesting mushroom, finished with a little bit of aged balsamico. serve that over a Polenta or sproonbread or something along that line.. Another possibilty buid upon a broth from that with a delicate onion, some kind of delicate cabbage, delicate noodles with delicate mushrooms. tree oyster, oyster, and a little smked paprika, a little smked sea salt, little coconut oil, and delicate sea salt. Just an idea to beget more ideas..... cool stuff... ia m sure you could go many more directions.... hopefully more chefs will add to this
Melissa C. March 29, 2012
I love duck stock for soup - I've used it in my red lentil soup actually. It's also great for cooking beans. White beans cooked in duck stock, yum.
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