do you ship to Canada?

What amount do I need to buy for free shipping to Canada

  • Posted by: David
  • December 19, 2018


Danielle T. September 1, 2023
Just 4 months left to make 2023 the year you start shipping to Canada! 🤞🏼 We used to buy so many of our Christmas gifts from you when we lived in the U.S. Such a shame.
Joan October 4, 2022
I questioned this antiquated company June 2021 and they still haven’t made any movement towards shipping to Canada! I presume they are of the mindset that we are a country of remote peoples that can’t receive orders from world class shipping companies! Let’s hope that Food 52 moves with the rest of the world and ships to Canada.
zoeyQ October 4, 2022
It’s 2022! Shipping to Canada yet?
Suzi March 16, 2021
I have to agree with previous comments, what is the deal that you can’t ship to Canada? I had to have things shipped to my mother in Florida, and then have her bring the items back to Canada for me. That’s just stupid. Tens years ago maybe, but come on??
To have items shipped across the border (to Canada 🍁 🇨🇦) is really not a mind twister. One would think it would be of value to the company to have us wanting your items???
Why is this such a big deal that can’t be solved???
kelkel September 5, 2020
Canada is a happy place that is eager to support your network of makers! :)
Moss June 11, 2020
Well, it’s 2020, do you ship to Canada yet?
KristaA November 17, 2019
Terrible. Food52 should be ashamed. Even Etsy sellers can handle shipping to Canada. Shows lack of organization, lack of planning, and lack of appreciation for your international viewers.
Tracy January 24, 2019
Seriously you have not figured this out yet? 4 years and counting. It’s not rocket science. You are using UPS, they delivere to Canada. Your head office is in New York City. We share a border, have a free trade agreement and we arrested a Chinese National on your behalf. Obviously this is not a priority for you,so for me, your site will not be one of mine.
Customer-Care December 19, 2018
Hi David,

Great question! Currently, we only ship within the U.S.

We did some digging into international shipping near the end of last year, and it turned out to be quite a large project for many parts of our team in terms of customs, tariffs, shipping, billing, and engineering work. At the moment, we're not quite at a place where we have the resources to integrate this into the website, but please know that it's still very much something we are moving towards.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Best wishes,
The Food52 Customer Care Team
Joan June 9, 2021
I’m gobsmacked that a company cannot ship to Canada. This is 2021 and I can order from Europe items that are sold by a very small family owned business! Motivate your company to consider this, as you might be overwhelmed with the support of people ordering. Don’t be stuck in 1970’s….there is a whole world out there!!!
Suzi June 9, 2021
I too with a husband from the UK am GOBSMACKED that they still haven’t figured it out how to send products, that are wanted to be sent to that place…what’s it called Kanada or is it Canada 🇨🇦??? Seriously Wtf does it take to have money paid to have items sent to us Canadians. Is it because it’s so cold here that we just head into our igloos with our snow shoes on and eat the fat of whales so don’ t need to shop, or even think of food52 for such a slow time, where we can actually not have to worry about snow and terrible weather?????
MafaldaMay October 19, 2021
Especially with so many global shipping services doing the job of collecting taxes and duties for companies. There are no reasons not to ship to Canada anymore.
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