How do I search for users? Is this function still available? I hope so.



Laura December 20, 2018
Hi mrslarkin -- we're sorry that our recent search updates are posing some issues for you! We'll definitely take your feedback into consideration. Thanks so much for reaching out!

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inpatskitchen December 20, 2018
If you go to the bottom of a page and hit "sitemap" and then find "users" you'll get an alphabetical list of users. Not very efficient but it's all I can find so far. I keep thinking that the "community" is being pushed out ever so slowly.......
Nancy December 20, 2018
I'm having a problem finding users, too.
ICYMI, maybe see my "Search in food52" thread started around Dec 18.
mrslarkin December 20, 2018
Thanks Nancy! I’ll go check it out. I’m wondering how we Cooks/Users can keep connected going forward. It will be super disappointing if we lose this network.
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